Your unforgettable skydive

Have you always wanted to skydive? Now is the time you can do it with 321chutelibre(meaning 321skydive). Have the best time in your life having lots of fun doing tandem skydive around close to Paris on one of the drop zones with whom we operate.

For your jump near Paris, we are situated on the closest drop-zones near to Paris and also in beautiful Normandy. You can do some sight seeing before, during or after your skydive over the "Falaises d'Etretat" or the "Mont Saint Michel".

Skydive Paris or France: the thrill of a life time.

Your skydive in France

We are a French skydiving school Skydives near Paris and the Paris region, we also do skydive training

Our school has been in skydiving for over 20 years

If you want to learn how to skydive in France, we can teach you to do so in just 6 jumps during a AFF - PAC training camp.