Skydive France

Our advice to start the skydive in France

Discover your first parachute jump is comparable when you start learning to swim. The discovery of new sensation, including sensations with the air line between your fingers to 200km / h and is primoniale tame. Make a single parachute jump, in the absence of instruction 3700 m, freefall lasted about a minute before the automatic system is activated and triggers the parachute.
The tandem parachute jump is a very popular method by doing a jump strapped to the instructor. The tandem parachute jump is a modern way to experience skydiving with professionnel.Votre instructor tandem skydiving over 3000m. You go watch the explanation on the jump and security. You never felt such intense emotions.

Your skydive in France

The tandem parachute jump

In order to taste the emotions of falling with a parachute jump super fast. Listening to an instructor, you prepare to jump a few moments, you will directly experience the sensations of free fall parachute jump with confidence. You will go directly from the aircraft to 3300 to 3800m directly attached to an instructor experienced parachute jumps hyper. After 10 seconds of freefall, you will already be at the maximum speed of your jump, 210km / h.

You will discover the planet seen in a different way and with this noise and air pressure of about 200km / h. Your parachute jump lasts between 33 seconds to 45 seconds with the confidence and security that is provided by your jumpmaster parachute highly qualified with a state diploma. Sailing the open parachute, you will discover the serenity of the discovery of the sky under your parachute, driven by your jumpmaster parachute. The descent with open parachute usually lasts between 4 minutes and only 10m target for land on earth will lift your legs to arise with more security. A videographer can shoot your fall parachute jump.
The tandem parachute jump

The tandem parachute jump enjoys a great success because of the emotions felt and ease to complete. This is the way to discover the ultimate parachute jump, but do not allow to jump alone. To achieve only a parachute jump, he will do an internship skydiving CAP or an internship in OA.