Skydiving near Deauville - Trouville

Exceptional - your parachute skydive over Deauville - Trouville

Jump in parachute on Deauville - Trouville with one placed on Benerville sur Mer beach. It is unique and you will take full eyes. Indeed do a parachute jump is an intense moment but with a course like Deauville Beach it is even more unique. You will have the chance to ask you on the sand beach end wait because places are limited to keep this unique experience.
2014 - 3 dates are in preparation, this offer is exclusive and very limited, please contact us for more details
Some videos of our jumps made on Deauville in 2013

The details on the jumps made in 2013 of the Deauville Benerville sur Mer
In fact there are only 2 dates (July 6-7 and 23-24-25 August) and the seating is very limited. Take our available France ticket directly on our site and the day of the jump to pay € 31 holdings at the expense * (these charges apply on tickets to €279 only, for other tickets contact us)
Jumps parachute Deauville and laid on the beach in Benerville on sea
Video of Nelson parachuting above the beach at Deauville
Nelson took eyeful during his jump on the beach at Deauville - Benerville sur Mer

Deauville is a tourist place very well known for the beach, casinos and the Deauville Festival of American Cinema. It is also possible to make parachute Deauville tandem jumps and landing on the beach in Benerville on sea.
Deauville is very nice to make your parachute jump
Only a few miles from the front, sea and 1 time mins 50 from Paris via the A13 you can perform your jump in tandem with 321chutelibre
Deauville is on the nearby sea of Paris
With an overview of the beaches of Deauville, Trouville and Honfleur. You have nearby for: restaurants in the hotels beaches and campsites. Visit Casino Barrière de Deauville to play or enjoy the beach!
The aircraft to jump parachute in Deauville
We have the possibility of using several aircraft for jumping but our preference is for the Cessna 206 or a cessna 185.
Skydiving in the Department of Calvados is quite rare due to the lack of centres and also the intense traffic on the two airports. Must be advantages also unique opportunities to achieve also magic jumps.
The tandem parachute exists since the 1980s and allows you to discover the free fall in all serenity as you are directly accompanied with a monitor that has thousands of jumps. You have to appreciate the extraordinary sensations that give you a break and especially on a site like Deauville. Contact us quickly to your jump parachute Deauville.

Office de Tourisme de Bénerville sur Mer