The best suitable outfit for your tandem parachute jump

Skydiving is definitely not a contest or a fashion show and it is better for you to wear thin and warm, in the what you need to feel to comfortable.

Jump: loose clothing is king

With enough loose clothing you'll be more comfortable during your parachute jump and you can move easily. We will provide you with for your jump a combination that should easily cover your clothes. For women, it is really not advise to dress or skirt. In summer you can come in shorts with just a t-shirt because it's warmer months.

Think in terms of light of sport for your jump
A pair of jeans or flexible enough pants deal
Sport or mountain but without hook shoes
A pair of glove end and beginning of season
A not too thick to have polar hot during your jump
Skydiving goggles you will be provided the day of the jump
A light tailored to achieve your parachute jump.

Une tenu adaptée pour réaliser votre saut en parachute

At the beginning or end of the season and during cooler days, wearing jeans, a sweat shirt will be more able to keep you warm and you can even think to take gloves.

Gloves for a parachute jump

Gants pour un saut en parachute