The idea of skydiving with a parachute was born from the vision of men like Leonardo Devinci and since then we have come a long way with square parachutes wing type that are no longer slow down but to fly. To make this journey to make parachute jumps near Paris with parachutes seaters that have emerged in the 80s and allowed us to discover the free fall with a jump near Paris.
An unforgettable vision right out of the plane and an acceleration in the first 10 seconds. After 10 seconds you find yourself at 200km / and it remains between 25 and 35 seconds of free fall. Behind the monitor is always you and the memories will be forever marked. All good things must end and an instructor will open the parachute to 1700-1500 meters.

What evolution: skydiving

You have time to enjoy the fall unreleased sensations with the parachute then to discover the landscape beneath your feet. After your parachute drops will be given a diploma. During the parachute will be 100% phasescritiques considered by the instructor.
-The right equipment
-The output of that aircraft flying at 140km / h
-The free fall and parachute opening
-The flight and then landed on the mainland
The packing of the parachute-

Allow about 30 minutes of ground preparation before your jump and a videographer  flying alongside you can also film your skydiving.