Clients review of their skydives in France


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Hi Mike,
We could not see you after the jump yesterday as we think you went for another jump, couldnt find you. Wanted to give you a BIG thank you for the dive, it was just amazing experience and something we will never forget. Now waiting for the video. Thank you  Best Regards Gautami and Tanvi ( 6 juillet )

Hi Mike and Fabienne,
Just back from office. Thank you sooooo much for the video. I am so happy to see myself flying.
Video is just too good. Awesome quality.
I absolutely loved the slow motion part. Its amazing. Thank you so much.
For sure to see you once again. :)

Cheers. - jharna D.


"Mike. Matt and jackson just got back. Thank you so much for taking such good care of them. They had a wonderful time and really sensational experience and of course i am so happy they survived!! Merci"


"It was pretty cool, I'm glad I did! I keep good memories!"
Audrey S. on 10/05/2012

"A big thank you to you both (Mike and Fabienne), for your kindness and professionalism. I don 't forget those special moments LAST DAY"
26/03/2012 Sébastien B.

"A big thank you to all the team, unforgettable moment for me and my boyfriend! Thank you thank you thank you!!"
24/02/2012 Pauline C.


"Thanks so much for fixing the video for us, I've forwarded the link on to my mum and brother and they're thrilled to see it again (mum was really happy to see how much fun Jackson had). It's so much fun revisiting the jumps, we had the most amazing time there. If any of my friends are ever in France that will be the first thing I recommend to them! 

Thanks again for all the effort you went to organising with us at the last minute and driving us around, please let us know if you're ever in Melbourne!



"When we say have your head in the clouds, I did not know how much was good. Thanks to the team to have created this sense of security and professionalism to forget the little apprehension of seconds. A soon for my next jump "
03/11/2011 Sebastian M.

"On this November the 1st under the blue sky of Le Havre I will never forget... Thanks again Mike for that jump to extraordinary sensations ... it was GREAT"
Clémence and Nicolas 17/10/2011

"A big thank you to Fabienne, Mike and Nicolas for your kindness that put us fully at ease and allowed us to fully enjoy the skydive!" Kevin M. 06/10/2011

"Thank you Mike, this special skydive for my 25th birthday was AWESOME!"
Eric G. 05/09/2011

"Thanks again for Fabienne and Mike Foster, this exceptional day and skydiving in the beautiful sea and the cliffs of Etretat."
07/08/2011 Karim

Mike and thank you Fabienne for this skydive over exceptional Royan! The DVD runs in a loop around me! Thank you for the Anglo-Saxon humor of Mike ;)
Mylène B 05/08/2011

A childhood dream came true in this day of 31 July I will never forget :) it was amazing, very impressive, just magical! A big thank you to Mike for his professionalism and kindness. He made me share his passion and has already given me want to repeat the experience. Thank you to Fabienne for video editing very well done. I will not hesitate to recommend your team to other people wanting to jump!

Mike thank you pr this jump unforgettable Montdidier and for making me discover this activity apart! Thank you Fabienne for the super DVD, memories guaranteed
Philip T. 04/07/2011

a big thank you to 321chutelibre, Mike for his professionalism and his joy; Fabienne for her kindness and hospitality thank you to all the team a must
Eric B. 04/07/2011

"Yes! that's good! Thank you for this adventure phew! Thanks Mike my man a skydive that done like a boss and Fafa A +"
13/06/2011 David M.

"Thank you, thank you, Mike and Fabienne, you were able to give me the desire but also the courage to skydive paris... the result: extreme thrills, yes I did it!"
AURELIE L. 27/03/2011

Fabienne Good evening, I wanted to thank you for this great half day I spent with 321 free-fall, my jump was extraordinary, more than feeling strong! I also wanted to thank Mike who was adorable, and I was well destresse! Really it was great, I'm talking about it around me! :) Mike told me he had made a short film that he would keep a few days time I think about, and it's true that I feel like it well to take it .. In any case, thank you for everything, it was magical!
Arnaud F 27/03/2011

One word: AMAZING! To make absolutely! An extraordinary experience and a feeling of extreme adrenaline pushed to its maximum. Thank you to Mike for this unforgettable moment, this professionalism, the great atmosphere. I do not always come back ... Not to mention the great video editing! I would recommend to everyone 321 Free Fall.
Benjamin R. 24/03/2011

"An incredible experience. To do without hesitation. Mike and the team are very professional, we're confident live. Thank you for this unforgettable moment."
yann P. 18/02/2011

It was PHENOMENAL! Everything was there, the warmth of Fabienne, the cool atmosphere with Mike before the jump, mounting TOP.A again very soon!
Joelle B. 16/02/2011

I thought I was unable to jump into the void. I did, thanks to Mike.Quelle victory! Great experience, to tell children and grandchildren
Cecile C. 14/12/2010

"Wow!!!!!!!!!! That's all I had to say about this superb tandem skydive and especially thank you for all these sensations, I keep a wonderful memory to repeat as soon as possible so I hope to soon for yet another jump and THANKS "
Lydia L. 13/12/2010

"Good evening, On Sunday I made my first parachute jump and I loved it I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism and kindness. Thank you Mike and Fabienne and soon I hope for a second jump."
Damien O. 07/12/2010

"Hello! Just wanted to say a very big Thank You to you all for Both the phonecalls and making this jump can today ... I had a very tough week with the school office and the Being flooded majorité of resources ... I Destroyed really needed a boost and Today Was just AMAZING! I have not stopped smiling yet! All the best and thanks again! Cate
. Cate O. 07/12/2010

"Hello, Just a quick mail to thank you and mike, for skydive jump that we made last Thursday at Etretat. Thank you especially for your availability and your kindness. This jump will remain a very big moment for us. strongly the next - has very soon, jerôme-and-aurelie "

"First I want to thank you both for your warm welcome last Sunday. I would keep an unforgettable memory of my skydive . Mike has put me at ease right away and I had 100% confidence him. I really took great pleasure in his company. Regards, Jacques "