My skydive training in France

"Skydiving is fun but skydiving is not just falling, it is the closest thing to flying that we were able to approach without mechanics." I totally agree with that because skydiving offers maximum freedom with the experience of living and more.

My first jump during skydive training in France

In this article I want to describe my first jump you to demonstrate how skydiving is all about fun. Firstly, I discovered skydiving via the Internet and television. There are countless pages of information on the Internet skydiving. My first jump was done during an internship with the skydiving freefall accelerated (CAP). The CAP is an internship with a parachute training specific paratroopers, including six jumps.Even if the course includes 6 jumps, you will always remember the first!The day of my first jump skydiving course, I went to the skydiving center at 8:30 am. During the course of the parachute AFF started at 09:00 and they discussed basic information equipment parachute, information, emergency procedures, opening the parachute, sail control and finally the Information landing.There were only four people in the course of the parachute classroom. AFF students follows all the necessary lessons to make a parachute jump safely. We used special equipment to study the parachute equipment, control of sailing and landing. After seven long hours at the end of the class skydiving course, we made a written examination. We have a score of 100/100 to take the test.

Everyone has finished the course of skydiving.Then comes the equipment part! We put our suits jump, parachute, altimeter, which are used to monitor the altitude for the jump, helmets, gloves and goggles. There were many skydivers around, and they gave us a lot of trouble with a few jokes traditional skydiving. I was the first person in the class of parachute training jump.
The next step in my training parachute was boarding the plane. We used a twin-engine aircraft type Twin Otter. It was a big plane with at least twenty paratroopers on board. I was sitting between two skydiving instructors in front of a camera.At this time of skydiving training, I began to feel extremely anxious and excited. The Monitor spoke to me, asking about my feelings. When the plane took off, all I could say was "Wow!" Then I started watching my altimeter to see if the number was changing altitude.I want to stop here to tell you something about the paratroopers on board. They were very relaxed, although the plane was uncomfortable. I was probably the most frightened person on board. Others were telling jokes to each other and even drink juice. Some of them offered sweets and chewing gum to celebrate my first jump.In short, these guys were the craziest people I've ever seen together. Can you imagine someone drinking orange juice just before jumping down thirteen thousand feet? Well, that's what they did.The altimeter works perfectly. This fact alone could make me smile a little, but I also consider what I could do if my parachute does not open!

Finally, all altimeters said four thousand meters. The pilots opened the door. I looked down and was able to see someone who had already jumped. Then, because of the cold air at this altitude, my sunglasses and I could barely see. The first moments of my skydiving course, were the second most interesting and enjoyable I've ever known. For a few seconds I had a feeling of falling. Then I noticed that we fall more quickly with the seconds passed.The first jump of my internship skydivingAfter a few seconds, the smoke disappeared and I could see that the plane was empty. All other parachutists had jumped, except for my instructor and myself. They told me to get up and walk to the door of the plane. I felt quite heavy and could hardly market. Probably due to the combination of skydiving and heavy equipment.As I approached the door, I felt colder. My cameraman was outside the plane, and held me tightly. My monitors have followed the procedures to finally get off the plane. It was the second most interesting and enjoyable I've ever known. For a few seconds I had a feeling of falling. Then I noticed that we fall more quickly with the seconds passed.After the first ten seconds, I could see my cameraman filming my freefall. I had to do some maneuvering to pass at the PAC. My instructor was always telling me stand and wait actively for any emergency possible. There was no more imprssion fall or speed. I had a sensation of floating in the air and the sound of wind in your ears.The training parachute jumps 6I opened my parachute area defined and well then I landed on the ground. I was one of the students who were able to successfully walk straight after landing, without falling.I periodically checked my altimeter altitude to see the right to take my Ripcord and open the parachute. Altitude needed to open at 1500 meters. At this altitude I pulled the handle. It was extremely pleasant. My parachute opened quickly, and I felt lifted. Once the parachute was open, I checked for any malfunction. It was perfectly normal and stable. The flight was great, of course, was much slower than free fall.I could see the beautiful environment of thousands of feet above. Then I looked for the "landing zone" drop zone behind the clouds. I flew with my parachute drop zone and great landed on the ground. I was one of the students who were able to successfully walk straight after landing, without falling. The adventure was over 5 minutes! I picked up my parachute and walked across the field to jump. It was a sunny day. My friends and my family celebrated the adventure for the rest of the day, and I decided to continue my internship after skydiving skydiving.Today I am at my internship four skydiving AFF with already three good jumps. However, of course, my first parachute jump training will always be the most enjoyable and memorable. If I were you, I do not perderait more time to do my internship skydiving. I would sign for a first jump as soon as possible. Once you try it, you will not be able to stop doing jumps. At least I have not been able to do so. I continue to go skydiving when I can.I would like to give a more personal message:

Skydiving is an activity that should be done, and everyone should try at least once in his life. I guarantee you that this will be an unforgettable experience for you, too!
A parachute training AFF?