Become a skydiver AFF skydiving

The AFF skydiving with our professional skydiving centers in France, located near Paris. We offer quality AFF SKYDIVING for beginners all year. Skydivers are normally at least 3000m, using Cessna or Pilatus airplane. For beginners, we offer three options: our parachute training (using the static line system with parachutes open automatically), or AFF SKYDIVING and tandem parachutes for fun. 

Skydiving and AFF parachute training

To try out our sport,  tandem  provides you an experience of nearly 35 seconds in freefall while securely attached to an experienced instructor. If your goal is to become a paratrooper in your own right, then either the free-fall parachute training accelerated AFF SKYDIVING courses are for you. These alternative courses each take about 18 jumps to complete, at which point you will be eligible to apply for your paratrooper internationally recognized license A. As a skydiving center full time, we are in an excellent position to provide ongoing coaching for intermediate and experienced skydivers, assistance in selecting a first set of equipment through improved your parachuting skills - with the training of national champions and world record. Contact us for your training parachute