A tandem skydive in France is certainly one of the most original gifts for the man or woman ! The gift that exceeds 3D and is real and not in front of your TV or in a movie theater.

A real gift: a skydive france

The tandem skydiving in France is the thrill or adrenaline rush and is just huge at over 3000 meters altitude. Skydiving in France propels you to extreme sensations and unique over 180km /h and after the opening of the canopy of the parachute, you can enjoy a quiet flight during descent under the canopy.After a briefing or show parachute equipment, the follow up of your skydive, you'll embark on the plane.

The original skydive gift France

It takes between 10 and 20 minutes to reach the jump altitude. Fixed up at around 300m to go to be harnessed to your skydiving instructor professional. Arrived at the altitude your heart is and that is the bottom GO driver and go for your skydiving in tandem with a huge freefall over 35 seconds.

Face your fears with a gift skydive in France

At 1500 meters, your instructor will trigger the opening of the parachute sailing and cool after opening, it's a smooth flight and landing cool.