START skydiving in France

Your goal in life is to get away from the stress of everyday life and  play with the clouds in the sky. Then skydiving is for you!

The modern French skydiving course: AFF

The french skydive training AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) is THE way of teaching modern skydiving and will allow you to fly very quickly on your own.
The course consists of 6 AFF jumps with highly qualified instructors  (2 instructors for the first one and then jump from the 2nd AFF jump). After 6 jumps together, you go your seventh  jump by your self (yes solo ... without monitor). At the end of your AFF skydive training, you will how to jump from the plane alone, skydiving and flying alone and opening your parachute at the correct height. You will control your parachute until the landing (radio guided with the headphones).

The skydive training

After a day of ground school training on the equipment and basic techniques of skydiving. You will probably be on the plane to make your first jump in the same evening. During your skydiving training which lasts  in general a week, you will learn the fundamentals of skydiving in France. During your following five jumps  you will learn several ways to get out of the plane (front roll, dive, back roll, clinging to the plane...)


What is needed for skydive training in France

In order to do your  AFF skydiving  you must:• A medical certificate cons to the practice of free fall (issued by a physician).• Have a full week ahead of you because skydiving is always dependent on the weather.


How to start your AFF traing camp

Contact us so that we can answer all your questions about our AFF skydive courses in France.