First time skydiving France

Discover the unforgettable  experience of skydiving with our school. Skydiving in France is an extreme sport providing maximum sensations. Free fall, directly with our instructors  and fell the Fun at 200km / h, its just mind-blowing and hyper intense. It is impossible to describe the feelings are so strong.


To discover all the thrills of skydiving, the school offers different methods 321chutelibre closely with Tandem skydiving
The inititation tandem parachute and video all weekend reservation possibility weekdays.
Internship to learn skydiving with baptism-en-parachute
Progression Assisted Free Fall
aircraft for your parachute
3.2.1 skydive

To practice freefall and skydiving, you need a plane and parachute ...

     Aircraft turbine "pilatus porter" or cessna which guarantee a rise to over 300 meters fast and safe
     A twin-turbine rear bracket "CASA 212" of 2x800cv climbs to 4000 meters with 23 passengers loved and the only paratroopers in France
     All modern parachutes equipped with security system
     Several tandem parachute equipped modern security systems

321 = free fall parachuting and skydiving with parachute baptism-in-