Skydive training in France

Learn to make your first parachute training and free fall, it's like when you started driving. New things, including sensations with the air line between your fingers to 200km / h and it is necessary to master. We discover many Dropped alone without training from 4000 meters free fall lasts about a minute before being activated an automatic system that opens your parachute.

AFF parachute training

AFF= Progression parachute training accompanied by parachute PAC Fall Internship
Training Parachute jumps 6

During the internship training parachute Progression Accompanied by drop, you will discover the modern skydiving freefall directly, accompanied by highly experienced instructors.
How does the parachute training

At the end of this week internship you will become autonomous and progress at your convenience.
Formation skydiving begins Monday morning at 8:30 am, with an appointment directly on the center jump. You will carry out all the paperwork. The rest of the day you will take a theoretical training for the preparation of your first parachute jump. This training will allow you to conaitre technical bases of free fall, equipment and control your parachute.
You will learn to:

    Jump from the plane: swan dive, grouped before, fall sitting, head down ball ...
    Check the position
    Fall alone
    Perform tricks in free fall in three dimensions (360 ° left and right, front loop, back loop, barrel ...)
    Control your parachute to ask you safely on earth.

    The first jump It often occurs in the early evening, two instructors will accompany you to correct you in the air, you will discover extreme sensations by contacting the air, freefall and under canopy.
    Your progress during parachute training

    The next jump (about 5) are all designed in a fun spirit to familiarize yourself with the free fall in all positions and to improve, helped by radio, control your parachute. You will gradually discover the infinite pleasures of the free fall and parachute jumping. Your jumps are video by your instructor for a debriefing quality.
    Chronology of parachute training

    The internship training parachute jumps 6 with customized training, individual or small group, you will acquire autonomy in equipment, testing, dropping fluency fall and parachute opened, and finally, folding your parachute.

    Places available per course parachute freefall AFF is limited, this to ensure quality training.

    The end of the formation of free fall PAC-AFF: In one week, you'll apris sufficient technical and feelings to move completely independently. Always advised by your instructor after your parachute training, you will therefore be able to make figures fall to handle your parachute to a soft landing but fold your parachute. You can then continue your training according to your ambitions, in order to obtain your patent-A. We also offer the possibility of video of your training.
    OA parachute training

    OA: = stage parachute traditional progression The training parachute OA is a bit longer and more affordable