Skydiving :your free fall with a parachute

The tandem parachute jump is THE fastest way to discover free fall close to a rapid formation of only 8 to 10 minutes is néccesairet éffectuer to your tandem jump.

Right out of the plane at 3000m the show is amazing! Approximately 35 seconds of freefall close to that will be remembered in your memories. The opening of the parachute will to 1500m by your monitor.
Give a parachute jump.

You have full leisure to enjoy the unique sensation of freefall parachute and explore the landscape beneath your feet. After your parachute tandem jump you will receive a diploma. When your tandem parachute jump all phases of the jump are supported by your instructor.

  •  The equipment-adapted
  •      The output of the-plane
  •      The fall and parachute opening
  •      The evolution-canopy and landing
  •      Folding the parachute parachute jump by a pro

     It takes about 40 minutes before éffectuer your jump. Come dressed in your given sport jump close

     Do you want your skydive filmed during your fall parachute. jump?