Tandem skydive France : multi dropzone pass

Tandem skydive France : multi dropzone pass

Our Tandem skydive ticket in France or near Paris

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A tandem skydive in France
Now's the time to DO IT! 

Your tandem skydive in France  is possible in ione of our 20 drop zones. You will find drop zones near Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice and others. Take a look at our map.

What is a tandem skydive?

To put it short: tandem skydiving: it's extreme emotions concentrated is 40 seconds of FREE FALL

A tandem skydive consists of approximately 35 to 50 seconds of freefall attached to a professional skydiver, then followed by a flight under the open parachute that last in between 4 to 8 minutes. All this in possible close to Paris or one of our centers in France.

How does the tandem skydive go?

Your skydive begins with a safety briefing where you will discover all the skydiving equipment needed and most importantly: the specific tandem parachute harness. You will then be geared up and we will ask you to sign some paper work.

You will then take place aboard a specoial plane which is an aircraft that can open it's dorr in flight. The flight for your skydive last approximately 12 -20 minutes so you can reach the necessary altitude for your skydive. Your highly trained instructor will attach you to him and your parachute and he will explain what you will be doing in the following moments. Dont worry, he will manage all the skydive for you.
From the beginning of your skydive, you'll enjoy the great sensations of free fall at 120miles per  hour. After about 35-45 seconds of free fall and at the altitude of5000 feet, your tandem parachute instructor will open your main parachute.

Flight with the parachute open after your skydive.
Your skydiving instructor will explain how to control the canopy and then just fly around. You can even control the canopy with his help for about 3-8 min under the canopy visiting the blue skies. For the final moments of descent, your instructor will take the toggles to land you in complete serenity on the ground.?

Don't wait more for adrenaline and extremes sensations

try skydiving in France!

Our choice of skydiving dropzones around France

We offer tandem skydiving in most of French regions

Nos zones de saut en parachute FRANCE

  • To the west of Paris near Mont-Saint-Michel  
  • North of Paris near Amiens (1h20 from Paris)     
  • South of Paris near Montargis (1:10)     
  • To the east of Paris near Auxerre (1:30)   
  • To the west of Paris near the cliffs of Etretat in Normandy (1h45 from Paris)     
  • more than 20 jumping centers in France *

With over 15 000 skydives our goal is always the same: maximum safety for your skydive

Sunset tandem skydive in France

The goal of MAXIMUM  safetyis and will remain our number one concern. Why it is essential to listen to the briefing given by your instructor before the jump and also ask questions if you have any.Our instructors tandem skydiving professionals are skydivers?

Our French tandem skydive masters - instructors are all state-qualified professionals

The tandem parachutes are special parachutes

hi tech tandem parachutes used in FranceExtra security: it is mandatoryin France for skydiving that the tandem parachute ?must be equipped with an electronic or mechanical ?security system. These safety systems automatically activate the reserve parachute in case of failure to open the main parachute.?

Tandem parachute skydives: Maximum WeightTandem skydive over French town

In France for a tandem skydive and  for safety reasons we limit the weight to 85 kilos** on the centers of north-south and east of Paris. On the Normandy drop zone that is close to Paris, the maximum weight allowed is between 85 and 95kg with conditions. Thank you contact us before ordering your ticket.??


Please enter thefull nameof the beneficiary andthe sizeandweightbelow. The phone and e-mail the Beneficiary are entered in the record of the person for the day of the jump.

 If the person weighs less than 85kgs, you can optionally register an approximate value.

* following the opening dates and permissions?

Data sheet

  • The ticket is valid during - 365 days for 1 skydive during the days of opening of the dropzone
  • Medicale certificate: - It depends on the drop zone
  • Maximum weight: - 90 kgs MAXI all drop zones / 95kgs MAXI only at Etretat
  • Delivery - E-mail, mail, signed mail
  • Jump date - Contact us with your skydive ticket
  • Type of ticket: - open ticket