Skydive Paris Tandem

Skydive Paris Tandem

Tandem skydive Paris : 1 drop zone near Paris 

Your skydive made easy.with this drop zone that is the closest to paris, call us to check out dates, do your booking on our site and we send you over your ticket with the date of your skydive.The drop zone has easy acces by train

See what adrenaline means when you skydive out of a plane so close to Paris. You will be flying at around 200km/h

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Easy tandem skydive near Paris (France)

Would you like to taste real adrenaline with a skydive near Paris during your stay?. You're at the right place as we have made thousands of travellers happ with the ultimate experience!

A qualified skydive instructor attached to your harness will manage the difficulties of the skydive for you. So don't think about it and discover the thrill of jumping out of a plane near Paris doing a tandem skydive with a professional.

Once equipped and ready for the skydive, you will climb to the right altitude enjoying the fun of the flight and the beautiful scenery. You will climb to a hight of over 3000 meters from where you will jump out of the plane with your monitor and race to a speed of 200 km/h in free fall.

The instructor will open the parachute and you will then fly quietly under the parachute until the landing!

The drop-zone locations for skydiving near Paris

 For your tandem skydive near Paris, 5 dropzones near Paris and its surroundings.

  •     South of Paris near Montargis (1h20)
  •     North of Paris, near Amiens (1h20) - EAST ACCES BY TRAIN for your skydive
  •     To the east of Paris near Auxerre (1h30)
  •     Near the cliffs of Etretat in Normandy during the week (optional/ 1h45)  -  EAST ACCES BY TRAIN for your skydive

Get your boarding pass for your skydive near Paris

 After your order we will issue you a boarding pass (or gift ticket). This pass is valid 365 days from the date of issue and it's extendable before the expiration date.

The boarding pass for the parachute jump is valid weekends, public holidays and days of week following the opening dates of the four drop zones near Paris.

Skydives near Paris: Safety always comes first!

Safety is our number 1 concern and we do everything to make the jump goes as smoothly as possible. It is very important to listen to the briefing before your skydive and ask questions if you have any.

On some of our drop zones you will need a medical certificate from a doctor saying that you can skydive.


Exit of the plane for a skydive near ParisCome and skydive with us near ParisUnder canopy of the parachute for a perfect landing near Paris (France)

Our skydive instructors near Paris are ALL professional skydivers and they are amoung the best professionals skydivers around and we speak English.

The tandem parachute

All tandem parachutes are equipped with a security system.

Maximum weight for the parachute skydive Paris

 For security reasons we limit the weight to 85 kilos* on the center of the north, south and east of Paris. (95kg and only under certain conditions at the site of Octeville-sur-mer)

Please call us for more details on your skydive, we speak English or watch the vidoe below.

Data sheet

  • The ticket is valid during - 365 days for 1 skydive during the days of opening of the dropzone
  • Drop-zone north of Paris - Peronne
  • Medicale certificate: - YES mandatory
  • Maximum weight: - 90 kgs MAXIMUM
  • Delivery - E-mail, mail, signed mail
  • Jump date - Contact us with your skydive ticket
  • Number of drop zones close to Paris to choose from: - 1 drop zone
  • Type of ticket: - open ticket
  • Age - Minimum 15 years old